We all know that content is an iterative process. Once you've tested out those first few pieces and found a writer (or multiple) that you love, you have the ability to set them as your preferred writer.

What does it mean to have a preferred writer?

Having preferred writers allows you to request content from the same set of writers, establishing consistent tone of voice, style, and quality in the content pieces produced.

How to set preferred writers

Use the "Add to preferred writers" button on the job. Simply click the button on the right hand corner, and you are good to go!

Can I have more than one Preferred Writer?

Yes, absolutely! Just follow the same process as above and add as many preferred writers as you'd like.

Can I request one specific Preferred Writer to write a particular content piece?

Although we can't guarantee this, you can certainly take some steps to optimize for this on your end.

  • Reach out to the writer via the chat function if they are working on another job currently, and kindly let them know that you are a fan of their work and would love for them to claim a new request

  • Include in the description of the request, the name of the writer you are wanting to claim the job

  • Reach out to [email protected] and we can help

What happens if the Preferred Writer(s) don't claim the jobs?

Once you submit the content request, your preferred team of writers have 24 hours to claim the job. If for any reason, they aren't able to, it will be claimed by another writer from our marketplace.

How to remove Preferred Writer(s)

If you rate an article 1 or 2 stars and it was your preferred writer, they'll be removed automatically.

We don't have further self-serve features than this for managing your preferred team, but reach out to [email protected] and we can help!

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