So, you've received your first article back, congratulations!

You read through it and feel like it could use some revisions. Here's what to do and tips for helping your writer get the next draft perfect.

REMINDER: You have 14 days after you receive the job to request a revision, otherwise the job closes.

How to Request a Revision

  1. Log into the dashboard

  2. Locate the job in the "Ready for Review" column and select it.

  3. Scroll down and select "Request revision".

4. Provide your feedback in the textbox, addressing it directly to the writer (they see exactly what you write) and being as prescriptive as possible.

NOTE: If you'd like to include a marked-up file, you can include a shared link and instruct the writer to review it.

5. Select "Submit request" and your article will go back through the "In Progress" stage, giving the writer five (5) days for the revision. You'll receive a notification when the revised draft is ready for review!

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