Sometimes, you could feel a strong mismatch between what was requested and what the writer has submitted. If you feel more than tweaks are required and you'd like to try to work with another writer, you can submit a rewrite request.

Here's how to request a rewrite:

1. Head to your dashboard:

2. Click into the relevant content piece you'd like a revision made on:

3. At the right side of the job details, you would need to rate the article 1 or 2 stars. Then, you can tap on I want a rewrite from a different writer.

4. An input form should appear where you can leave your rewrite comments. Then, tap on Request Free of charge rewrite to send through the rewrite request.

5. You will be redirected to your dashboard, but you will be able to find the request back under your New tab. Your rewrite comments will appear in the Description part of the brief as additional writer for the new writer to review.

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