Get better content with less effort when you use the new Brief Builder to plan your content. Create new briefs or revisit old ones in our intuitive Request Content workflow.

Streamline content planning so you always stay relevant, organized, and on-brand. Robust briefs mean your writers can pinpoint exactly what you want and meet your content goals.

Stay on top of the competition

The Outline Assistant lets you see the subheadings of popular articles of your topic so you can peek into competitors’ articles — without leaving the page!

Add popular search questions to your outline

The Outline Assistant also helps you see popular search questions related to your keyword. This is a great way to supercharge your SEO content and ensure your content answers these questions and is relevant to your readers.

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Build your outline

Create your outline using our outline builder. Help your writer help you!

Manage your briefs

Work at your own pace by creating a draft and adding the final details when you’re ready to request content. See all your briefs all on one page.

Final thoughts

Check out this article to learn how to write a great brief.

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