Have one or more writers you absolutely love and whom you want to continue working with? Now, you can have Multiple Preferred Writers. Your content requests will be routed to them first.

How to add your Preferred Writer

After you request content and a writer completes it for you, you can add that writer as one of your Preferred Writers if you love their work.

1. In your dashboard, click into a job

Click into a job in the Ready for Review or Completed columns.

2. Add your writer as a Preferred Writer

On the right side of the screen, go to the Your Writer section and click the Add to preferred writers button.

Your writer is now one of your Preferred Writers! They’ll now get first access to your content requests.

When they choose to work with you again, you’ll see the a box on the Job page that says that content piece was written by one of your Preferred Writers.

3. Rate your article and share feedback

To further build your relationship with your Preferred Writer, remember to share feedback with them so they can further learn your style and tone.

How to remove your Preferred Writer

Once you add your Preferred Writer, you can remove them by contacting [email protected]. Or, if you rate an article 1 or 2 stars and it was your preferred writer, they'll be removed.

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