Interested in writing for us? Great choice. Here’s what you can expect from here.

Application Process

1. Submit application

Submit your application at Our team will review to see if it’s a good match.

2. Test assignment

If your application is approved, we'll invite you to complete a test assignment so that our team can further assess whether your skills are a good fit for our platform. You'll see the test assignment in the New section of your dashboard. Click the blue arrow for more details.

After reviewing the test instructions, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Claim button. The test has now moved to the Claimed section of your dashboard and you are now set to start writing!

When finished, upload your Word-formatted document by clicking the Choose file button on the article page. We'll review within 7 business days.

Be sure to fill out your payment information. Even if we choose not to move forward with your application after your test, you'll still be paid for your work.

Go to My Account ---> Track Payments ---> Add Payout Method to fill in your direct deposit information. We automatically generate your invoices and we issue payments each Thursday.

3. Writer agreement

If our team approves your test assignment, congratulations! You’re an official Contentfly writer!

Once you sign our writer agreement via email, you'll be able to start claiming and completing jobs on our marketplace.

Unfortunately, if you do not pass the test, we're unable to provide feedback due to a very large number of applications.

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