For every content piece, you request on the dashboard, you'll now have the ability to send direct messages to the writer assigned to the content piece. The writer will also use this in-app messenger to ask any clarification questions regarding your content request.

Please note, it is against user policy to request writers to converse through phone or video conferencing.

To use our in-app messaging function:

1. On your dashboard click into a content piece you've requested

2. To the right of your content brief you'll see a Messaging window

3. Type in your message you'd like to send to the writer and hit Send Message

Note: We currently don't support links in this chat. If you'd like to share more sources, briefs, or other materials with your writer, let us know via live chat.

Note: If you receive an email with the writer's message, click through to access your dashboard and respond to their message. Your messages won't be automatically forwarded to the writer if you reply to the email notification.

Guidelines on using in-app messaging

  1. Be courteous and use a soft tone in your asks. Your writers are human after all!

  2. Anything unreasonable loop us in via live-chat. If a customers requests something you're not sure whether to respond back to directly. Reach out to the team!

  3. Avoid sharing any personal details or taking comms outside of the ContentFly app. Once we lose the thread of convos, we have no way of protecting you if there are issues.

  4. Looking for deadline extensions, invoicing questions, etc? Anything more admin related, direct those to us here on live-chat.

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