Once your brief is submitted, your job is now ready to find a writer! The job is made available for review by all active writers. Your job will be claimed within 24hrs and an email will be sent notifying you that a writer is now creating your content.

The job now moves to the In Progress stage where the writer is working diligently to complete the job by the deadline.

During this time, three things may happen:

  1. Writers can reach out to you in the in-app messaging service for any areas of the brief where clarity may be needed. Please respond to any messages within 24 hours to ensure your job can be completed in time.

  2. You decide the word count needs to be adjusted, you can do this directly in the brief and the writer is notified to accept or deny the change.

  3. A writer may ask for a deadline adjustment that you can approve or deny. You'll be notified via email and on your dashboard.

When the writer submits their content, the brief is now in its last stage: Ready For Review. If you feel there are tweaks, additions, or rework required, you can submit a revision or a rewrite.

Once you are satisfied with the content, you can rate and approve the piece. The job is now considered complete to post the content on your website!

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