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When requesting your first piece of content, you'll see a brief template that you can use. You can add the required information in the app, or download a document and then upload it using the 'Upload Brief' button.

Provide your writer with the necessary information about your topic, audience, business, and other categories. This will improve their understanding and help them create amazing content for you.

Note: if you are submitting different brief requests and you don't have a preferred ContentFly writer yet (e.g. you've recently started using our services), list the information about your company in every brief.

Separate briefs are not interconnected.

If you would like to edit your brief after submitting it, reach out to us via live chat with the information (or files) you would like us to add. There is currently no way to edit your brief while a writer is working on it.

However, you can message the writer via the in-app chat function (links and files are not supported).

After submitting the brief, you might get a message from a writer who is looking for more information. You will receive an email notification. Please click through on the article URL to respond to the writer via our in-app chat. Replying to the email notification doesn't automatically forward your message to the writer.

Best Practice Tips for ContentFly Briefs:

  • Title: Make sure your title accurately describes the topic you would like the writer to cover.

  • Word count: Make sure your word count matches your desired article length.

  • Examples: If you like a piece that is not yours and you would like the writer to emulate the tone or the outline, link to it from this section. Leave a note about what you like about that content specifically (e.g. [Link] "We love this tone of voice voice, could you emulate it?")

  • References/sources: If you'd like your writer to use particular sources for their research, leave a note in this section. If you don't want them to link to that source, leave a note.

  • SEO keywords: Our writers create content that is optimized for search engines. However, sometimes we are unable to use the keyword verbatim if it makes the rest of the text sound unnatural (i.e. keyword stuffing). This does not mean that the search engines won't recognize which keywords you are targeting.

If you have any questions, reach out to us via live chat or reach out to your writer via the in-app chat.

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