Contentfly's Agency Dashboard allows you to create and manage content for multiple clients from a single dashboard. Each client account can have its own subscription plan, invoice, and associated payment method or they can all pull from the same quota.

You can submit content requests for each client all in one place, while staying organized and setting preferred writers by client.


  • Set preferred writer teams for each client. This is especially helpful if your clients are in different industries or have very different writing styles!

  • Add clients and subscribe them to individual subscriptions for their required monthly content needs. Use separate payment methods if needed and have separate invoices generated for each client.

  • Send requests on behalf of clients from a single dashboard.


To use our Agency plan there's no platform fee per month and each individual client can pull from a shared word quota between all agency clients.


Can I white label this and let my clients log in directly to request their content?

Unfortunately, the agency dashboard isn't a white-labeled solution and only exists to help you manage your client's content pipeline better. You would still need to request content on their behalf.

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