Was there a writer you enjoyed working with and absolutely loved the content made for you? Did you find the perfect tone and personality and want to maintain uniformity of that writing style?

You can work with the same writers again and again by setting them as your Preferred Writers! You have the ability to create your very own team of writers to take on your briefs. Under your discretion, you can be able to choose which writers that can write in your tone and choose how many writers you would like. This means all future briefs will be sent to them directly to complete for you. You can set a preferred writer by rating a job 5 stars or clicking the Preferred writer feature shown below.

Check out How to choose multiple Preferred Writers to set more than 1 writer!

Navigate to the article you really liked and click Set Current Writer as Preferred:

From there, the writer(s) will be the first to view your job. Please note that it is not a guarantee that preferred writers will take on your requests 100% of the time and they have the discretion to reject work due to bandwidth, illness, vacation, etc. If all of your preferred writers reject your request, your brief will be moved to the marketplace for another writer to complete for you.

For Agency users

If you're an agency user, this will allow you to set writer(s) as your preferred for that specific client. This means that you can choose different preferred writers for each client or the same. The choice is up to you!

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