It takes 30 seconds to sign up and you have access to our dashboard. Here you'll:

  • Indicate the word length required for your content

  • Write or upload your brief. There's no constraints on what your brief should be, you can choose to be as detailed as you want or just provide us a topic to write about!

  • We take this brief and usually spend a few days in the beginning researching your business and industry, determining the right tone for the article, and finding the right writer for you. For a piece 1,000 words long, you can expect it back in five business days.

  • The writer will then craft the copy for your content request and once he/she is done, we'll send this back to you. If you'd like any revisions made, you can do so free of charge! If we have any questions along the way we'll reach out to you for clarification.

  • After reviewing the content you have received, make sure you rate the writer. This helps our algorithm understand your preferences and route your future jobs to the writer you enjoy working with.

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